Wine Tour in Tuscany

Tuscany, known as the Chianti region, lies on the central western Italian coast of the Mediterranean and pulls a lot of visitors every years for its wine and oil tasting. Foreigners, especially Americans and English, are quite keen on having wine tasting immersed in the Italian vineyards. Tuscany makes some of the leading reds and present optimal conditions for grape growth. The region offers different kinds of wine, as Brunello, Vernaccia de San Giminagno and Montepulciano , all very appreciated by the wine lovers. Tourist agencies and local operators suggest therefore a variety of wine Tours in the region offering a wide range of quality wine tasting. Now another alternative to discover the region and to taste some local wine and products is the Bike Wine Tour. One full day bike tour in specific area offers the opportunity to visit the Chianti countryside, to taste excellent wines and the local cuisines. It’s really enjoyable because you are ridding in the middle of the countryside, going to a wine producer to another and you definitely meet local people, the real Italy !


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