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Producing clothes in Italy


italian clothesCarpi, situated a few kilometres from Modena, in the Emilia-Romagna region, has almost 2 thousand firms and a turnover of EUR 1 billion, half of which resulting from by exports.

This town is home to a network of small businesses in the textile sector, producing clothes, especially knitwear, largely for export markets.

This is one of the areas where industry started earliest and developed most strongly. Manufacturing plays a very important part in the local economy. Within manufacturing, since the end of the Second World War, the textile and clothing sector has been predominant.
Carpi is at the heart of an industrial centre with a highly specialised workforce. The town is characterized in particular by a high degree of specialization in knitwear  and clothing. Business has been buoyant among firms working as sub-suppliers, especially in the knitwear sub-sector, but firms making finished products have long been doing less well.

In addition to their high output the local textiles and clothing industry is notable for the originality of its organizational structures, for its well-ordered system of small businesses operating independently and for its particular pattern of interplay between firms producing finished items and outside firms providing assistance with certain stages in the production process. They directly carry out only the design, the choice of materials, logistics, quality control, stock-keeping and trade management.
Carpi is known as the European capital of textiles and clothing, of up-to-date fashion and of Italian-made knitwear and clothing.

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