Italian Farm Machinery

There is no doubt American agriculture is a target market for the Italian manufacturers despite of the difference in currency value between the Euro and the American dollar. Italian Farm equipment manufacturers focus on the American market, one of the biggest market for farm equipments because of the variety of cultures, climates and lands. Italian manufactures America represents about 12 percent of Italian made farm machinery export.

How can we explain this commercial success ? accurate studies on the marketing product and distribution allowed Italian manufacturers to obtain significant results on sales and profits : Italian manufactures offer specific machines, larger and more rugged for the US market suitable to the needs of American farmers who put more hours more hours on tractors and implements than in many other parts of the world. Italian farm machinery is marketed in the US through distributors and dealers, but many of the Italian manufacturers also have U.S. or Canadian warehouses and offices to provide quicker service and technical support. Despite the global economic downturn, opportunities are constantly arising for Italian manufacturers in the agricultural market. In addition to the US market, China and India will represent the next target markets for the Farm Machinery manufacturers with an expected annual growth of 3,8% through 2012. Demand will focus on higher value “precision agriculture” equipment with GPS and wireless sensors to respond to the accelerating mechanization. The Italian manufacturers will have to face new stakes.

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