Anyone else drink Grappa

“Grappa” is definitely unknown abroad but represents the traditional Italian alcoholic beverage produced in the North of Italy originally consumed for farmers and alpine troops. Grappa is derived from distilling marc and is not as famous as other spirits such as whiskey, vodka, brandy or rum,
regardless its long Italian tradition. The last ten years Grappa producers focused their marketing strategies on the consumer’s demand and a brand repositioning by changing marketing channels and product image. Grappa is not an international product nevertheless it has been exported for the 10-15% of the total production abroad, especially to Germany and Switzerland. Probably better for the culture and tradition, the Grappa keeps its Italian authencity, not spoilt yet by the mass consumption.
Grappa is a spririt of between 37.5% and 60% alc.vol and is made by distilling pomace and grape residue  left over from winemaking after pressing. The beverage is usually served after dinner as a digestive . Don’t be surprise to drink the Grappa in your expresso and ask for it a “Caffe Corretto”, very appreciated by Italians.

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