Italian Farmhouses

Hospitaly in Italy : choose Agriturismo !


Italy is a country of welcoming people and offers a variety of tourist opportunities. Wherever you go , you will be welcome in a warm and fresh ambiance and you will find the different ways of Italian life following the regions. South and North are so different in culture, landscape and food that you will have the impression to experiment another culture.  Italy is a tourism attraction thanks to its huge heritage and its moderate climate. Each cities or regions offer something else for the tourists. However travelling in Italy is not cheap so it is better to check first an accommodation for planning your stay.



Hospitality in Italy


Hospitaly in Italy includes Hotels, Youth hotels or  B&B ideals for short stays. Moreover, the tourism industry has developed recently another kind of accommodation that you must have heard : “Agriturismo” or Italian Farmhouses, which aims to the promotion of the Agriculture and the tourism. Most of the Agriturismo are located in the unspoilt countryside, far from the noise and the contamination of the cities. They are ideal for families or young people travelling by car. Some of the Agriturismo are simple and rustic and really cheap , while others are downright luxurious, you just need to have a look at the list of Farmhouses in Italy.  This new travelling trend is increasing and constitutes a great opportunity for an local immersion in Italy.

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