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Your new travel guide for Vicenza

Torre Bissara in piazza dei Signori a VicenzaRome, Venice, Milan or Naples are the most visited cities of Italy whereas smaller cities also show a great interest in what concern art and history. You will enjoy the real Italy even more. Do you hear about Vicenza, pretty city of the Veneto region, North East of Italy ? If you are planning a trip to Venice or Verona it could be the case to stop in Vicenza. Recognised as a strong industrial city of the Veneto region, Vicenza holds a huge cultural and historical heritage and presents a lot of richnesses for who wants to find out the real Italian life style.


A exhaustive travel guide Hotel Vicenza will provide you all information you need for your travel starting with the history and geography to finish with the gastronomy and wines. The 15th December 1994, Vicenza has been included in The World Heritage List with its twenty-three Palladian monuments of the historical centre and three villas situated outside the city and is therefore one of the sites UNESCO with 39 protected monuments.  Do you like typical Italian food and good wine ? Hotel Vicenza also suggests a variety of tasting tour or informative tour just for advices. You will find your best accommodation in vicenza and the latest events to make your holiday as the best stay ever.


Hotel Vicenza

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