Venice Carnival

Venice carnival is one of the oldest and most enchanting festival in Europe today. Nobody knows actually when Venetian started wearing masks and dresses but that gave to the population many vantages and freedoms during the old republic of Venice and nowadays this festival seems to go on all years long. Rich and poor celebrated together through up the city to escape social pressure. During the carnival, San Marc square becomes the centre of the celebration and opens the Carnival with the Flight of the angel. Other little squares where people are dancing and playing can arouse an interest. Every year, Venice excepts around 500.000 visitors for the last week of Carnival festival. Apart from the organised events and the costumed characters parade, there are a lot of fun and entertainment in the streets.  Everyone is dressed up and having fun. You don’t need to invest in an expensive Carnival mask or costume for celebrating the annual event in Venice. The Carnival celebration is aimed at anyone who is looking for fun and free entertainment. So don’t miss the opportunity to take part of the festivity and enjoy an amazing fireworks above San Marc square the final day.

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