Manerba del Garda

Located in the North of Italy between Milan and Venice,  Lake of Garda is probably one of the most visited lake in Italy and received each year from spring to autumn a lot of tourist from Germany, Holland and France. The largest lake in Italy, the Lake Grada is a major tourist destination now offering different type of accommodation, from hotels to private villa or camping.


Where could we start ?  The lake is so big with a maximum length of 50 km and maximum width of 16km that we will need a couple of months to know some good places. Most cities on the lake are very famous for tourism now as Peschiera, Sirmione,  Salò , the nicest parts for beaches and tourist context. For topping lovers, you may have a full day at Gardaland, one of the most famous parks in Italy. For who is looking for quiet and nature, the north of the lake which is narrower, surrounded by mountains, present the best conditions for a relaxing holiday.  A beautiful spot for getting nature and beaches far from tourist location is Manerba del Garda, a little town situated between Desenzano and Salò, on the West cost. This location offer Lovely shingle beaches surrounded by hills where you will be surprised to walk on the sand in the water. A perfect place for couples in search of a wild-romantic holiday or families with young children. Then you can explore the enchanting towns, lounged the tranquil beaches, eaten good food or trying water sports. And for the more courageous ones, walk up the small  hill to watch the amazing sun set on the lake. Manerba del Garda offers few campings right on the beaches at 20 meters of the water.

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