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Children can have a mobile

The mobile phone for children

Vodafone Italy and Disney are collaborating for the launch of a mobile phone aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 13.Market research reveals excellent business opportunities for this product: 3 millions families in Italy and a penetration rate of 50% of those children who already have a mobile phone.


However mobile phones have been created for an “adult use” and not for children. For security and control issues, this product could be inappropriate for the parents with understandable reasons. Business strategies are first all to convince the consumers and by this way the parents for buying a mobile phone for their children.



As a result Vodafone and Disney developed the Primofonino, a mobile phone easy to use which guarantees security and protection by offering a variety of options for parents. They will have the control of calls and SMS and could block numbers they want. All that to give maximum security for the children and the comfort for their family to know what they are doing at every single moment.

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