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Made in Italy marches in New York

The most famous Italian brands from the design sector (furniture, art and culture) will be exhibited in 20 showrooms and flagship store till 8 February 2011 in New York. The exposition is called “I Saloni Milano”.

The project is organized by FederlegnoArredo and Cosmit in co-operation with ICE and the ministry of the Economical Development. “In those showrooms on the streets of Manhattan there is the real Italy, not the Italy described by Roberto Saviano in an interview for New York Times.
With those events we managed to introduce Italy that is capable of doing impressible things presenting an unique industrial system which combines innovation, creativity and excellence.” said Carlo Gugliemi the president of Cosmit.
Those statements were largely affirmed by the positive feedback of the visitors and the critique rendering the event a huge success for the Italian industry.

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